Fynch-Hatton Logo

Our logo is the acacia as a typical tree of the African savannah and thus stands for the fascination that has always radiated this region.

To ensure the correct and consistent use, do not modify, rotate, decorate or replicate the Fynch-Hatton brand values. Only the elements that you can download on this page are allowed for the representation of the trademark.

Present the Fynch-Hatton logo in a sufficiently large space so that it is clearly visible. Ensure a size with sufficient legibility of the name.

Do not change the design or the colors of our trademark

  • It is not allowed to stylize, distort or change the shape or color of the elements.
  • Do not use any other symbols or images not shown on this website for displaying Fynch-Hatton.

Logo for online use only

Use on the website, social media, etc.

Logo for use in print media

Use in ads, posters, banners, etc.